Who is Fernando D. Alfaro

Who is Fernando D. Alfaro?

Aside from being a husband, brother, son, friend and father to various fur-babies (yes furbabies), I am a long time business owner/entrepreneur. Born in 1982, my journey as an entrepreneur started at a very young age (from throwing newspapers with my brother at the age of 6 to starting my first internet business at the age of 19. Since I could remember, I was always intrigued by the idea of working for “myself” as the idea of working a traditional 9-5 never really appealed to me.

Today, I have reached a level of success that allows me to work full-time from my home or office (depending on what the day entails). While also generating enough revenue to not only support my family, but also continue to grow the Forward Web brand (my core business). Lately, I have also had the opportunity to explore new business opportunities (e-commerce and traditional brick and mortar), which has been great. In short, things have never been better for me and I truly feel blessed to be where I am at today (not just in business, but also spiritually and mentally).

With that being said, I would be lying if I said the path to my version of success was filled with nothing but clear sky’s and smooth sailings. Truth be told, I failed far more than I succeeded and having started at such a young age, probably struggled a little more than I should have (had I of just kept a more open mind to others business ideas and suggestions). Now that I have gotten to the level where I am at today, I would like to give some of the knowledge I have obtained through the years back to help those who have similar dreams, aspirations or even current business owners who are finding themselves in a bit of a rut.


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