Character building, before business building. With this mind, one principle that comes to mind is discipline. Not in the punishing sense, but in the following definition:   1. The controlled behavior resulting from such training. 2. Activity that provides mental or physical training. 3. A system of rules of conduct.   When I started (in […]

Cyrpto Currencies: What are they, should you buy some, what are the risks? 

‍‍Well for starters, what are cyrpto currencies? The most simplified version or idea behind a crypto currency is just that, its a form of anonymous currency. In addition to anonymity, with cryptos, there is no central authority (it’s 100% decentralized) and completely intangible. This means that a cyrpto currency (in theory) is the safest, most […]

Hard work is the MINIMUM requirement

The great thing about entrepreneurship is that ANYONE can do it. Where people often fall short is realizing the job requirements that come with being an entrepreneur or business owner. If there was an ad recruiting an entrepreneur or business owner, that advertisement would look something like this: ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍ —————————- ** Looking for hard […]