3 tips to help ensure your business thrives, not dies in 2019.

1. Build New Systems and Improve (Optimize) current systems. First, what is a system by Definition? A set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.


Lets use NFL teams as a quick example, if you think the head coach of an NFL team wakes up on Sunday morning and “wings it” hoping for the best result, you’d be very mistaken. The same should apply to business, if you are waking up each day without a clear idea of what your work-flow and objectives are going to look like, its time to build some systems.


On the contrary, if you already have system’s in place. Using the same NFL analogy, if you think head coaches are not creating, tweaking or analyzing the effectiveness of existing systems on a daily, weekly basis, you’d be mistaken. The same applies to business, just because you have a system in place, does not mean its effective. The only thing worse than not having systems in place, is having ineffective systems in place.


2. Build and Optimize your systems based on your current personal not future personal. This might seem obvious, but if we really take a step back and analyze how many times as business owners we have tried to fit a square peg into a round hole, we might be surprised (I know I was). Take a moment to analyze what your team is currently excelling at, what they are failing at and build/optimize your systems off of what your team is currently doing, not what you are expecting them to do. The result will be less friction and head banging when things do not go as planned.


3. Focus more on Objectives and Not Goals, while also ensuring you have set realistic and obtainable goals for your business. First, what is the difference between Goals and Objectives? Goals are the end result, whereas Objectives are how you are going to get there.


As an example, lets say one Goal is to land X amount of accounts per day which is predicated on how many calls per day we make. Before we can even set this goal, we first need to figure out how many calls per day we can realistically make in a single work day. Lets say we figure out that number is 75. The next step is figuring out how many calls we need to make in a work day to realistically = 1 new account. Lets say that number is 50.


Now that we have this information, we can comfortably set a realistic goal of 1 new account per day, by setting the objective that we need to be making at least 75 calls per day. Now lets imagine for a moment that we simply set a goal of 1 account per day without establishing any clear objectives. By focusing on Objectives first, we can ensure we are always meeting our goals and also making sure our goals are realistic.


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