Some keys to starting and maintaining a successful business.

1. Your Mental, Spirituality and overall well being should always come first. If things are not right within you, how can one expect things to be right within the business?


2. Play to your strengths in business, not necessarily your passions in life. This can be a tough one, because drawing the lines between what we are passionate about in life and what we are actually good at in business can be tough. This can sometimes require some acceptance and humility, but can also be the difference between feeling like you are constantly chasing a dream vs living out your dreams.


3. If it feels like work 80% of the time, it’s probably time to re-evaluate how and where you are applying your time within your business. Building a business is tough, however it shouldn’t feel like work. Challenging yes, constantly laboring and stressful? No. This is where point#2 comes in handy because if you are constantly playing to your strengths (which requires awareness of your weaknesses) you’ll get a certain level of enjoyment. Which makes hours, feel like minuets.


What are some of your keys to starting and maintaining a successful business?


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