what you focus on grows

Overcoming the stress and fears of business.

Building a business can sometimes be a stressful, fear filled and daunting experience, however it does not have to be. Here are some tips and areas that have helped me overcome some of the stresses that come with starting and operating a business.


#1. Accepting failure as part of the process. If I could have a chat with the 19 year old version of myself, I’d tell him that without failure, growth is not possible. Therefore failure is something that should be embraced, not avoided.


#2 When problems arise, focus on the solution not the problem. Its easy to get caught in the blame game and maybe unleashing some frustrations on those you feel might be responsible for the problem. However by doing this, you’ve likely moved your business further from the solution and closer to more (bigger) problems. If the ultimate goal is to solve the problem, why waste time on anything other than the solution?


#3 Accepting that no matter how hard you try, someone is always going to be unhappy with your business. Sure, you want to keep an eye on customer and employee satisfaction. However maintaining an understanding that you can’t realistically please everyone. Will create a healthier work environment for you, your employees and your clients.


#4 Take a moment to think about what aspects of your business you’re most grateful for. Is it your client interactions? Maybe its your team? Being able to provide for your family? Doing what you love? What ever the reasons, being in a constant state of gratitude will easily reduce any stress or anxiety you might be feeling.


#5 Plan, plan, plan and plan some more. Lets face it, life is much easier when we plan and business is no different. Sure, there will be events and situations you cant possibly plan for. However by planning for what you can (the good and the bad), you’ll be creating stability for your business and more stability = less stress.


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