find your why factor

The X Factor is the “Why” Factor.

There are many factors that will play into whether or not someone will be successful in business. For me, the first and most important ingredient is the “why” factor. As in, what is the “why” behind your actions? As an example, when I was younger, whether I was willing to admit it or not, my why factor was money (the idea of obtaining power and materials), prestige and acceptance. Was my why factor strong enough to get me through the 100+ hour work weeks? Absolutely not. I would constantly find myself falling short, making the wrong decisions or quitting all together when the going got tough.
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Many years and hardships later, my “why” factor now centers around creating a future for my family, while also bringing value to our clients and employees across the globe. Where I used to see opportunities to make money, I now see opportunities to solve problems or fill needs. When the going gets tough, I am able to find comfort in knowing the sacrifices I am making are not only benefiting someone else (our clients and employees), but are also benefiting the family my wife and I are building.
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My point, the deeper the “why” factor, the more you will be able to endure. In business, endurance wins the race.
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What is your why factor?


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